Xcentrics Gallery promises to be one of the most exiting shops you ever visit.

Xcentrics Gallery, established in 1993, is a distinctive showroom at the world famous Bahia Mar Yachting Basin in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earning trust and respect from collectors worldwide.
Customers can find one of a kind exotic collectibles, antiques toys, fine art, paintings, crystals, jewelry and much more.

As founder, President and CEO of the Xcentrics gallery, Edward W. Suhyda has an incredible taste for collectible items. With his passion for high quality antiques and rare memorabilia, he will ensure you find what you are looking for.


“Growing up in western Pennsylvania was a great experience as a child.
My father worked in the local steel mill for 35 years as my mother raised four children. Real salt of the earth people… where a handshake meant you had a deal… no need for a contract. My father used to take me to barn auctions where I enjoyed rummaging through the piles and baskets of used items. We would end up bringing home a saddle… but never had a horse. We would bring home a piano… but barely knew how to play the radio. What I enjoyed the most was an old victrola that I would have to crank up to play those huge records. That early experience meant so much to me that I became a collector of unusual items but with a twist. I enjoy having the items in my gallery restored to the highest level possible. I like to say we over do it when it comes to restoration, most would say museum quality. ENJOY “

Xcentrics maintains a constant inventory of rare collectibles including antique toys, artwork, vending machines, gumball machines, mechanical riding toys, sculptures, paintings, tobacco cutters, food scales, rare stones & crystals. Just about anything from the past. Stop by and see the latest inventory as it changes from week to week.

Xcentrics is located at Carrazza Jewelers in the Lobby of The Bahia Mar Yachting Center